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Roxhill Candle Co.

12 oz April in Seattle Vessel Candles

12 oz April in Seattle Vessel Candles

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All natural beeswax and coconut crème wax blend, our signature scent of all natural Palo Santo/Sage and Honey Bourbon and a crackling wood wick in a frosted glass vessel.

-Please note: All of our candles are hand poured, slight imperfections and color may vary by nature. 

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Customer Reviews

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Bobbi with an i
Burn, burn, buuuurn, in a burning wick of fire

I bought this candle in February and light it whenever I get stressed, which is like 3-4 times a week minimum (I teach elementary understand). I'm pretty sensitive to smells so there's a very small selection of candles that I can burn without getting a headache and this is one of my top favs, hands down. It's got a sweet earthy smell-vibe to it, that is prominent but not overpowering. It lasts foreeeeevvveeerrr, I still have half a candle left, and the customer service is AMAZING.

As my 1st graders would say, "get you one, bruh". And as I would respond, "I'm not your 'bruh', but I agree with the sentiment. You should definitely, 'get you one'"

Perfect for a warm night

This scent is so soothing and relaxing, especially on a warm night

heather L

Love the look and smell! 10/10 :)

Obsessed with the Smell

This is my favorite scent, I wish my whole house could smell like this all the time. I love the wood wick, this is my first candle with it. I find the crackling sound relaxing and you don’t get the gross after smell when you blow it out like you do with normal wicks. It’s also hard to find beeswax candles that have a smell, so this is the best thing ever!

Favorite Candle

I love burning candles in my home and knowing these are nontoxic makes this the easiest purchase ever. Not to mention, the smell is amazing, a relaxing woodsy scent.