About Us

Roxhill Candle Co. was born out of eagerness to create candles that I felt good about burning in my home. 

    My husband and I are obsessed with burning candles, which became an issue in January 2020 when we were crushed by a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. The anxiety that came with it led me down a deep rabbit hole of research, desperate to find anything that would increase our chances. From supplements to cleaning products, diets to acupuncture, nothing was off the table. 

    On this journey of discovery, I found that the candles we loved to burn were filled with phthalates and petroleum products; this set me on a path to create the perfect, non-toxic candle.

From science experiments to hobby to small business, This is Roxhill Candle Co., a company dedicated to the purity and craft of how we fill our physical spaces, minds, bodies, and spirits.